Been quite busy

I’m sorry for the lack of updates on this site, I have been very busy lately on various projects and with my daytime job. I’m trying to find time to update wp-forum to version 2.3 and I expect to do so in a very near future. Please have faith.

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  1. tommiehansen 2009/03/14 09:32

    What will be new in 2.3?

  2. jgpippin 2009/03/27 20:24

    Just wanted to drop a thanks; WP-Forum saved my arse. I’ll be frank, I tried installing Simple:Press first (because it’s what I found first) but WP-Forum is a much simpler, elegant solution that does everything I need without a) bombarding my database with completely unnecessary queries and b) looking as if the themes were designed by bears with photoshop.

    Good work; look forward to 2.3. If it’s got more features, that’s fantastic, but I’m happy just as long as it continues to work.

    On a side note, you might consider updating the files at; with 2.7 being able to auto-install, the first installation (before i located the site and its 2.2 download) was 1.7.8, which totally did not work.

  3. huibo 2009/04/28 14:48

    hi, thanks for your hard work on this plugin. I’m having some problems installing it. I created the page, pasted the code under html mode, and head over to wp-forum in the tools section, but it gives “page not found”… is it because it’s not compatible with wp 2.7.1? what should i do to solve this?

    hope you can get back to me as soon as you can :)

    thanks again!

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