Wp-forum stolen by VastHTML

I have reacently been informed that a website called vastHtml has stolen my forum software and published as its own. Only the names and credits have been changed.

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  1. erichamby 2009/07/19 11:54

    I havent claimed anything to it has i have told everyone that i have got it from you so i lay no claim in saying that i have made it myself. If you think all that has been changed is the name and credits i would suggest you download it and try it for yourself.

    I have fixed many errors that you have failed to do for months. I added a new theme. Added 2.7/2.8 menus fr a much more up to date look. Change a bit of the code around.

    Did this plugin come from you… YES…. is it anything like you have on your site… NO.

  2. erichamby 2009/07/19 11:56

    Also your forum is a complete mess and you offer no support or help of any kind. The problems that were here last here are still here today. Don’t criticize someone for taking over a project you left long ago.

  3. mifi 2009/07/19 12:38

    @erichamby: As you can read in the about section the author doesn´t allow any redistribution/publishing of his plugins/themes. That´s fact. And in this case it´s totally regardless if he is continouing it´s support or not.

  4. erichamby 2009/07/19 19:02

    Hmm, so in a way he could say any forum plugin could be his because it was his idea. And i dont remember that being in the about me section so im sure he just added it.

  5. mifi 2009/07/19 21:14

    Oh come on erichamby… This argumentation is absolutely ridiculous. We both know that this notice was left a long time ago. In germany we call this “to adorn oneself with borrowed plumes”. Would you react the same when someone downloaded a theme of yours, removed the credit and then said “i didn´t know that. vasthtml must have just added this notice. It had never been there.” As i said this is just ridiculous.

  6. erichamby 2009/07/20 06:05

    Ok.. lets say it was left a long time ago. Its USELESS. any plugin released for wordpress must be under a GPL lisence which gives anyone the ability to hack it, modify it, sell it for a profit, redistribute it, use it for commercial use, etc…. however, you also have to abide by the GPL that governs WP and WPMU…..which is what? That’s right my dear friends and neighbors…..freedom to do as you please….JUST so long you give others the same rights, and not try to take away from them.

    From WordPress.Org——
    “If the program dynamically links plug-ins, and they make function calls to each other and share data structures, we believe they form a single program, which must be treated as an extension of both the main program and the plug-ins. This means the plug-ins must be released under the GPL or a GPL-compatible free software license, and that the terms of the GPL must be followed when those plug-ins are distributed.”

  7. erichamby 2009/07/20 06:16

    ” Would you react the same when someone downloaded a theme of yours, removed the credit and then said “i didn´t know that.” there is a diffrence in just taking out someone credits, and taking an idea and making it better. If someone took my themes, worked with them and made them better then no i would not mind. If i did i wouldnt release them in the first place.

  8. crash 2009/10/27 22:02

    I registered just so say how awful this guy erichamby makes himself look.
    First you rip off the guy’s work without asking or credit, gets found out and his only defence is insulting the guy he copied off? Wow.

  9. erichamby 2009/11/21 12:23

    Where did i insult him? Only thing i said about him was he didnt offer support or update his stuff.

    Call it what you will. WordPress call sit GPL. Forums Server has turned into a plugin so far deferent from this one thats it dont even matter anymore.

    I dont have to ask credit Crash, do you know anything about GPL and WordPress? You guys can say whatever you want to i did nothing wrong, i did everything i was allowed to do. I took a great piece of code and made it 10x better. Which is exactly what GPL is all about. Stealing it would have been just downloading it from this site, removing your credits and then saying i made it, but i didnt do that.

  10. Jean-Sébastien 2010/02/05 03:46

    the vastHTML website triggers several trojan horse / virus alerts…
    now I wonder if Erichamby knows about that!

  11. testing123 2010/05/08 05:50

    He steals lots more than just forum software :P


    Check out all the stuff he is allowing to be sold illegally. And check out his legal notice when you first visit the site, its a joke! hahah.

  12. testing123 2010/05/08 05:51

    Also I believe what started out as your software is also been used there: http://www.terranbytes.com/forum/

  13. erichamby 2010/05/08 21:40

    @Jean-Sébastien: I sold Vast HTML months ago. I get emails all the time about whats going on and have even tried to talk to the new owner about them… but to be honest he can care less.

    @testing123: I sold Terranbytes on Nov 9th 2009. So please stop blaming me for its current content. And users can use this forum on any site they choose… so im not sure why the point of the last comment was about. And again you cant steal what wordpress classifies has GPL software, this has been gone over with them already and they said i did nothing wrong.

    Also if your going to insult me…. least leave a link to my own site so i can get the traffic. Kinda bad you insult me then leave a link to terranbytes. But since you cant even give your name… i guess it is easy to hide and be a coward.

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