Working on a Twitter plugin

I have decided that the Twitter plugins for WordPress don’t fulfill my very (low) demands. Everyone seems to be overthrown with options and stuff I dont’t want or need for that matter.

So what do I do? As the solution oriented person I am I write my own of course. This plugin has only 2 options: your Twitter screen name and how many tweets to show. Nothing fancy like re-tweets and mentions and stuff like that. Just the latest tweets.

I’m going to add a sidebar widget to this plugin. As of now there is just a template tag.

This is still in beta and I’m tweaking and optimizing and when I’m done I’ll make it available for download. Interested in this plugin? Let me know. and I’ll send you a copy for testing.

3 Responses to “Working on a Twitter plugin”

  1. référencement grenoble 2012/02/15 18:09

    i’m ok to try your plugin, tell me :)

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