WordPress 3.8.1 Maintenance Release

Finally, got hacked several times.

Cheking if my plugins still works.

I’m gonna check and update any outdated plugins.

Working on a Twitter plugin

I have decided that the Twitter plugins for WordPress don’t fulfill my very (low) demands. Everyone seems to be overthrown with options and stuff I dont’t want or need for that matter.

So what do I do? As the solution oriented person I am I write my own of course. This plugin has only 2 options: your Twitter screen name and how many tweets to show. Nothing fancy like re-tweets and mentions and stuff like that. Just the latest tweets.

I’m going to add a sidebar widget to this plugin. As of now there is just a template tag.

This is still in beta and I’m tweaking and optimizing and when I’m done I’ll make it available for download. Interested in this plugin? Let me know. and I’ll send you a copy for testing.

Scaffold, new WP theme

I have decided to share this theme with the WordPress community. I wanted to have it exclusive on this site, but hey.. it’s open source.

Grab it from here.

I will be getting some pictures and a demo site up for the new themes and plugins shortly. Got vaccation now so hopefully I  get some time to re-upload the old themes and plugins as well.

Made a new theme

Finally got some time over to fiddle around with my blog. I have made this new theme calles WP-Scaffold. It is originally a theme for tumblr by Mike Harding . I have adapted this to my likings and if you want to try it out please let me know.

Still to do is to update the WP-Forum plugin and add some of the old  stuff back. You can look forward to a couple of  updated plugins and a few new themes in the near future.

Got hacked

My WP installation was hacked and I therefore start a new clean blog. I will add the old content when I have filtered the spam and malware.

Please bear with me.

WP-Forum 2.4 released

Fixed some minor flaws and bugs.

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Funny quote from YouTube

About Pink Floyd and Beatles

David and Roger complemented each other perfectly. Roger brought one part to the music and David rounded it out and made it whole. Neither of them ever created the magic alone that they achieved together. It reminds me of John, George, and Paul. John provided the magic, Paul made if fun, and George fattened up the sound and filled in the gaps. Ringo made coffee…

Wp-Forum updated

Sorry for the late update but I have been on a vacation. Version 2.3 is now up for download and the issue with the admin menu is fixed.

Update for wp 2.8.1

Currently working on an update for WP 2.8.1.