Download: WP-Cal


An event calendar plugin for WordPress.


Upload the content of the zip filt to your plugin folder. Go and activate the plugin. Create a new WordPress page and add


to it. Open wp-content/plugins/wp-cal/js/cal.js and change line on to reflect you WordPress installation.
Example: If you have WordPress installed in www.site.com/blog then line 2 should look like this:
var baseurl = “>

161 Responses to “WP-Cal”

  1. Kel 2006/11/10 16:17

    Seriously though – you’re producing some really useful stuff here, plus being a formidable designer too. Keep it up!

  2. Fredrik Fahlstad 2006/11/10 16:28

    Kel: Thanks mate, I’ll try to keep it up.

  3. Andreas Viklund 2006/11/12 02:40

    This looks promising, I have wanted something like this for my site. Thanks for the release, I’ll give it a try tomorrow!

  4. tj 2006/11/12 21:26

    how do I add things to the Calendar? Ive got it installed properly.. looks good too:)

  5. Fredrik Fahlstad 2006/11/12 22:20

    tj: Sory, forgot to mention. You administer yje calendar from your blog’s web page where it is installed. So not from the WordPress admin interface that is.

  6. Mladen 2006/11/13 01:06

    Hey… nice work here but I get this error dunno what to do:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: cal_days_in_month() in /hsphere/local/home/mladen/vanished-sky.net/webwalk/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-cal/functions/cal.php on line 59

    I’ve followed all the steps and wanted to check the calendar out and this happens… had such a good day hunting plugins for wordpress and then this happens haha…

    Hope someone knows the answer to this problem

  7. Mladen 2006/11/13 01:09

    While I’m on it, 2 more questions.

    Does it support AJAX (in other words does it need to load the whole page or just the calendar?).

    Is there any way to put it in the sidebar rather then inside a new page?

  8. ThePete 2006/11/13 02:51

    I’m getting:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: cal_days_in_month() in /home/www/thepete/theblog/wp-content/plugins/wp-cal/functions/cal.php on line 59

    Any ideas?

  9. Doug Bedient 2006/11/13 23:12

    YIKES! Somethings afoot! What do you think would cause this? Cheers!

  10. Doug Bedient 2006/11/13 23:14

    YIKES! Somethings afoot! What do you think would cause this? here


  11. ovi 2006/11/14 17:40

    hi there,

    this looks really great, I was using the wordpress event calendar plugin before but that plugin only offered to make calendar entries tied to a certain post… so your plugins looks better suited for my needs.

    can I see an implementation somewhere before trying it out?

  12. ovidiu 2006/11/14 23:16

    I gave it a first try: http://sibiu.zice.ro/calendar/ the small display part on the right side overlays with the main calendar…

    I am not sure, still thinking what is the best solution for my needs, still nice work.

  13. Mr Papa 2006/11/18 11:22

    hello… very nice… any chance of getting widget support for sidebar to display the next “x” coming events?

    If no plans, I will go hack it out myself… just dont want to duplicate…

    Mr Papa

  14. Mr Papa 2006/11/19 01:03

    no problems installing and getting it running, but the calendar is displayed over the top of other stuff on the page. Namely, a graphic background image that I have my theme displaying at the bottom of the page. Any thoughts? I will play with the CSS or maybe even try new template page too…

    Mr Papa

  15. Mr Papa 2006/11/19 01:11

    Okay, I solved the issue… I had to add

    after the

    in order to get the ajax to properly resize based on the calendar displayed and not overwrite the page elements.

    Not an ajax expert, but maybe some css/tags not being closed properly?


    Mr Papa

  16. Mr Papa 2006/11/19 04:45

    hmmm… just noticed my code segment got butchered…

    it should have a style=”clear: both” after the opening div

  17. ThePete 2006/11/19 21:28

    Even with 0.3 I’m still getting:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: cal_days_in_month() in /home/www/thepete/theblog/wp-content/plugins/wp-cal/functions/cal.php on line 59

    Any ideas?

  18. breger 2006/11/24 00:04

    Downloaded zipfile but when try to extract it tells me it contains no files and is corrupted. Can you help? Thanks.

  19. Matt Brett 2006/11/30 06:00

    Amazing work here! I was dreading implementing a calendar in my latest client site, then I stumbled upon your new calendar solution. Totally blown away over here! It’s the simplest and best looking calendar plugin for WordPress, by far.

  20. Psycho 2006/11/30 17:53

    This looks really kool, I wish i can get it to work.

    I installed it exactly as stated above and I get this message on the calendar page: No input file specified.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  21. Psycho 2006/11/30 18:31

    Oops… I didn’t put a subdirectory. Works now.

  22. Shan 2006/12/05 07:37

    Hi! You’ve made an absolutely awesome plugin. Thanks heaps for that.

    I have one question: is there any way to make the calendar publicly visible, but not editable? (In other words, for readers to see the calendar but not change the events)

    Cheers and keep up the good work!

  23. Derek Epperson 2006/12/06 18:45

    Just curious as to if the fix for the following error had been resolved, or at least the reason it appear?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: cal_days_in_month() in /mnt/w0507/d30/s30/a000qbdf/www/missionm25/net/improved/wp-content/plugins/wp-cal/functions/cal.php on line 59

  24. wmneo 2006/12/21 04:37

    how do you customize the color of the calendar?

  25. Pathfinder 2006/12/22 08:35

    I am still having a problem saving the description. Title and time all save OK but the description comes back as “Undefined”
    I checked the SQL database and the description is there but it won’t populate.

  26. Josh Kaufman 2006/12/27 05:43

    The requested URL /wp-content/plugins/wp-cal/functions/cal.php was not found on this server.


    any idea why this is happening? I have a feeling it has to do with absolute vs. relative URLS for I am using a very-hacked out version of wordpress.

    Any suggestions?

  27. Andrew 2006/12/29 16:48

    Is there anyway to include posts from WP with in the calendar? Kind of my whole reason behind needing one.

  28. Grant P 2007/01/09 02:15

    Absolutely fantastic! A calendar with “events” independent from “posts” is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    Thanks very much and keep up the good work!


  29. imabagel 2007/01/09 10:31

    i don’t entirely know if this is a solvable problem, but is there a way to post events that start on one night (before midnite), and end the next morning?

    (i.e. start at 9pm, end at 1am?)

    your calendar is exactly what im looking for, but it wont let me post an event that runs for more than 1day …

  30. Simon Whatley 2007/01/11 13:11

    This is a great calendar; probably the best WordPress calendar plugin out there! One thing I would suggest is distinguishing all day events, recurring events etc. Is this in the pipeline?

  31. leonardo 2007/01/16 17:39

    Great work. This is just what I was looking for. Just one question: I’m running a blog with more than one author and no admin. Is there some way to add events not being the admin but a logged-in user with some privileges (author)?

  32. Mike 2007/01/19 17:48

    I’m a little lost on the installation. Especially this part:

    Create a new WordPress page and add


    Could someone please explain ina little more depth what needs to be done here?

  33. Mike 2007/01/19 17:53

    ok…I figured out the installation…but now I get this error:


  34. deltaomicronmu 2007/01/21 07:50

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I found the following typo in your installation instructions – its minor, but it made things confusing:

    Upload the content of the zip filt to your plugin folder. Go and activate the plugin. Create a new WordPress page and add


    to it. Open wp-content/plugins/wp-cal/js/cal.js and change line onE to reflect you WordPress installation.
    Example: If you have WordPress installed in http://www.site.com/blog then line 2 should look like this:
    var baseurl = “/blog/wp-content/plugins/wp-cal”;
    If WordPress is installed in the root this line does not need editing. Default is:
    var baseurl = “/wp-content/plugins/wp-cal”;

  35. Vinnie 2007/01/23 19:55

    Great plugin!

    How do I change the user role from admin to a lower level. I’am using Role Manager. And we have about 4 people with admin status and 30 others with a lower level but with writing permissions. I want to give them Event permission too :-)

  36. Sean Ham 2007/01/24 08:14

    I have a problem. Anyone visiting my site, regardless of whether they’re logged-in, can edit my calendar. Is there any way to fix it so that the add event button only appears for logged in users?

  37. jason 2007/01/24 16:29

    i love everything about this calendar…except that i can’t get it to work. i add events and nothing appears. i checked mysql and no data ever get’s into the wp_calevents db.

    any help?

  38. Eric Issacson 2007/01/24 22:33

    FF– Looks great! Thanks for all your hard work. I’m having a technical problem. I’ve installed a new calendar page. The calendar plugin looks terrific, but I can’t get the Options Panel to appear, and I’m logged in. Can you help? Thanks!

  39. Eric Issacson 2007/01/24 22:45

    Ff– A correction… it isn;t the Options Panel that’s a problem. It’s that I cannot Add, delete or edit events. Help!

  40. Nnyan 2007/01/26 23:50


    Will this display a mini calendar on the sidebar? Haven’t been able to figure out how to do so. Added to my sidebar and it still does not display anything.

  41. Robert 2007/01/28 07:39

    Wonderful calendar!

    I created a new page template so it wasn’t so squished, and added some css so the widths would stay fixed.

    Thanks again!!

    The only suggestion I have is to tie in the WordPress roles to have the ability to view/modify the Calendar or not.

  42. Robert 2007/01/28 07:48

    Sorry, one more suggestion. I would love it if this could display the next X days events (upcoming events) in the sidebar (as a widget would be even better).

    Thanks again, and fantastic job!

  43. Bryan Le 2007/01/28 08:40

    Wonderful plugin!

    I’ve installed correctly, and it is running just great! Except, I can’t add any events!

    I am certain I am logged in…but still can not click to add an event, even after clicking the date.

    Am I missing a step here?

  44. Han 2007/01/28 18:43

    Great works!

    One suggestion:
    Show title of articles in the calendar.
    For example, I have two posts on 1/20, named “1” & “2”. In the calendar, there will be two links named “1” and “2” on 1/20.

  45. Robbert Hamburg 2007/01/29 12:30

    Wow i just ran into the plugin ! I love it !
    Would be even greater if it would be possible to dump your ical appointments in it !!

  46. jb 2007/01/29 22:44

    Hey everyone,
    Check out the following forums page (you have to register first):

    The fix is at the very bottom. Thanks again to covert.c for the help.

  47. jb 2007/01/29 22:46

    Hey everyone,
    For the “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: cal_days_in_month()” problem, check out the following forums page (you have to register first):

    The fix is at the very bottom. Thanks again to covert.c for the help.

  48. Vinnie 2007/01/31 00:05

    Euh why is my comment of the 23 still in moderation? Anyway we tweaked the plugin to make it editable for everyone who is a member. I will post the zip file this week after we fixed the last bugs.

  49. tim 2007/02/04 01:24

    hey, i installed this but i cant edit events. i am logged in too.

  50. tim 2007/02/04 02:29

    its just not working with my theme. any help would be great.


  51. tim 2007/02/04 02:30

    nevermind, it doesnt show edit on any theme. lol. you can delete my previous post, and this.

  52. Alan 2007/02/04 07:44

    I think there might be an issue with one of the js files needed for this in the zip file.

    I was getting an error cal_init() undefined.

    I followed Shan’s link to his page:


    and grabbed the prototype, sriptaculous and cal.js files and overwrote the files from the zip file. It all works now.

    the daily side list was working fine but the main calendar wasn’t showing up.

  53. Alan 2007/02/04 07:48


    another odd issue that I notice form the way I have to do it compared to some of the above posters, is that I’m hardcoding the links in the head to the 3 js files and the cal.css.

    Is that nessecary?

    Looking at Shan’s site, it looks as if it’s just another page in his wp, not a static page. It lokos as if thats the only page in which the src’s needed are in.

    odd or am I missing something painfully obvious?

  54. Soul 2007/02/06 12:49

    I get this message on my calender, can the creator of calender help me?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: cal_days_in_month() in /hsphere/local/home/hikma/iman.nu/wp-content/plugins/wp-cal/functions/cal.php on line 59

  55. Greg M. 2007/02/07 02:52

    Can anyone help me customize this plugin so that it doesn’t have to be in military time and so that there is a location field?

    I have looked at all the PHP files, but cant find the one that checks the inputs and returns an error.

  56. Joey the Liberator 2007/02/09 15:47

    This plug in is essential for what I do. I appreciate it greatly. You can check out my usage of it at Alternative Fuel Source.

    I also gave you guys credit where it’s due. I know a lot of people take this stuff for granted… thnx.


  57. Debra 2007/02/11 01:16

    Does this not work in WP 2.0? I have it installed but the page I put the call on shows absolutely nothing. Just a blank page.

  58. adam 2007/02/15 17:30

    I love this plugin, thank you very much! I also second the request for the ability to list X amount of upcoming events.

  59. josh 2007/02/16 21:02

    Great work. This is just what I was looking for. Just one question: I’m running a blog with more than one author and no admin. Is there some way to add events not being the admin but a logged-in user with some privileges (author)? I desperately need this funcionality. I assume it is in event.php:

    if(user_can_edit_page($user_ID, $post->ID)){
    $canedit = true;


  60. Dee 2007/02/17 20:07

    I’m using WP 2.1. I installed the plugin successfully, however, I am unable to add an event. I click on any date, and the page just refreshes. I don’t get a popup like the instructions say. How can I fix this please?


  61. Günther 2007/02/22 20:46

    Same path-problem. it seems like there’s a problem when WP is installed in a subdomain…

  62. Seth 2007/02/24 00:31

    This is a beautiful design and nice plug-in, but I can’t figure out how to add events. Everything installed, and I can flip through the months and days, but I see no link for adding events. I’m logged in as admin.

    Here’s my test WP installation:


  63. 關懷德 2007/02/25 09:29

    Hi, I came across your site looking for a WordPress plugin to make a large “page-calendar.”

    I was wondering, do you have a function that allows the calendar to output another list of latest events onto a sidebar along with the page-calendar?

  64. Acke 2007/02/27 00:09

    Jag fattar inte var jag kommer åt kalendern… jag hittar den bara i options i WP admin, men var ser jag kalendern?

  65. Heather 2007/03/04 16:03

    So far, I absolutely love this plugin but I have a question… the boxes in the calendar, specifically the 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th columns are a bit thinner than the others, is there a way to make each column the same size? Calendar is installed here: http://netflixaddicts.com/member-calendar/

  66. Greg 2007/03/05 01:48

    Hi, I was able to install the calendar, however I have no idea how to add an event. When I go to: http://chompchomp.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-cal/wp-cal.php I get an error.

    I love the calendar, but want to use it :)

    Thank you,

  67. Shel Holtz 2007/03/06 03:35

    What a great plug-in — just what I was looking for!

    One question: Is there a way to get “Today’s Events” or an “Upcoming Events” listing to show up in the sidebar on the home page? Thanks!

  68. Minh 2007/03/07 19:01

    How can I change the style of calendar, like its colors, borders, fonts?

  69. Shumon 2007/03/09 23:02

    I installed it according to the instructions. I am able to add/delete/update events. I created a page with the code “” to view the cal. I don’t see the calendar. I see a box with the info. How do I view the entires month’s cal (main calendar). Like in the pic above. Please email with instructions. Thanx

  70. Batsirai 2007/03/10 06:33

    I have installed the calendar, tweaked the css, but even when logged in as admin, the “Add and Event” link doesn’t show up.

    I have no way of adding the events. Do you know what it could be?

  71. David 2007/03/12 19:10

    Hi there!

    This plugin is excellent, however, I am not seeing an add event form when I click on a date despite being logged in to WP using an admin account.

    Any suggestions?


  72. David 2007/03/12 19:24

    Just as a follow up, I tried to track something down in the forums and through the posts here and I see that there is a database table that doesn’t appear to have been created in MySql for me. I noted that others created these manually, but being somewhat new in the MySql front, I thought I’d ask for more details as I can’t find more extensive documentation on this.

    How many fields, names? etc…

    Thanks so much!

  73. michelle 2007/03/18 13:15

    i love this calender and its perfect for what i need…but it isnt displaying the edit option….it says Todays Events then underneath it says No events on this day….but no edit option!?
    There are no error messages.
    Any ideas on hows i can make it work?

    Many thanks

  74. Zoute snor 2007/03/21 21:49

    It is a great plugin, but it only works properly in Firefox. In both IE and Opera the description isn’t saved into the database, in fact it saves the string “undefined” into the database. Anyone have a clue how to get this to work?

  75. Zoute snor 2007/03/23 16:49

    Ok, I’ve solved the Opera/IE issues, and also some issues we had with the css. Since this page doesn’t seem to be updated regularly, I’ve made it available on my own blog.


  76. carterlite 2007/03/24 17:41

    Same issue as someone above.. Everything installed correctly but ‘Add Event’ is nowhere to be seen.

  77. Ecko 2007/03/31 17:13

    Ummm, I did everything properly according to the instructions and my calendar wont show up.

    Any else get this problem?

  78. Quinn 2007/04/02 03:47

    Is there any way to adjust the overall size of the calender? It works great on my 19′ widescreen with my theme but not so great on my 17’… Any help would be appreciated. You can check my theme here> http://glibido.pineapple-curry.net

  79. Quinn 2007/04/02 03:49

    Another thing, for setting up the time zone, I’m guessing it is using the Universal time, however in Eastern Standard, so it’s always a day ahead when I am adding events in the evening. Also just noticed now that the calender is even a little big on the 19′. Im guessing it is just my theme but any help would be great for either issue.

  80. Jamie 2007/04/02 05:41

    hello, my installation of wp-cal looks great and appears to work fine, but when i click on a date on the calendar, nothing happens. the calendar refreshes but nothing happens for me to add an event. any ideas where to start looking?

  81. J.Adams 2007/04/03 00:13

    Is it possible to keep the calendar public, ie., anyone can view it, and keep the adding of events password protected?

  82. Jamie 2007/04/03 16:13

    i can’t add an event to the calendar. when i click on a date, it refreshes the date at the top right, but nothing comes up so i can add an event. can someone advise? yes i am logged in as admin

  83. davy 2007/04/03 18:39

    it doesn’t seem to work anymore under the latest version… when i’m logged in and i click on the date, it doesn’t give any form anymore to add/edit dates…

  84. Michael 2007/04/05 22:46

    I can’t add events. I am logged in, but no “Add Event” link appears.

  85. Jamie 2007/04/06 03:18

    does anyone read this blog now?

  86. Chris Bolton 2007/04/07 02:12

    I just installed WP-Cal and it looked like everything worked just fine. The problem I am having is that though I enter a title for a new event, it appears that when I save the entry the Title is changed to the name of my site: The GhostRider’s Zone. I don’t understand this behavior.

  87. Jamie 2007/04/09 06:00

    i don’t know what happened, but it started working. i changed my permalink options and i think that fixed it somehow

  88. FIlip De Cavel 2007/04/09 14:32


    The letters are white. How can I change their color?

    thank you

    Filip De Cavel

  89. Dominic 2007/04/10 16:50

    Hey great plugin!

    I’m working on a site where I would like people who are not Administrators to be able to add/edit the calendar.

    Would it be possible to allow Editors and Authors to edit the calendar?

  90. Dominic 2007/04/10 16:54

    Hey great plugin! This is exactly what I was looking for!

    Would it be possible to extend calendar add/edit priviledges to Editors and Authors? I manage a site and want to turn over a lot of functions to other people, but I don’t want to hand out Admin rights.


  91. Cmo 2007/04/11 16:50

    It appears as though there is a function definition missing from functions.php.
    The error produced is
    /Users/chris/Sites/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-cal/functions/cal.php on line 59

  92. Cmo 2007/04/11 17:18

    I found the problem causing the undefined function fatal error. The php version being used must be compiled with calendar options.
    See this php manual page for details

  93. Technodaddy 2007/04/12 00:31

    Calendar looks great, but I do not get a “Create Event” option no matter who I log in as… Any suggestion?

  94. Dominic 2007/04/12 19:42

    Great plugin!

    Is there some way to get this to print nicely?

    I’d like to be able to print out my calendar.

  95. Andy 2007/04/14 14:49

    I’ve just installed this, and it’s looking nice. However, i am logged in and do not get the edit box at all? I do get the edit the page link as per normal on a normal page when you are logged in however?!

    Please help!

  96. Andy 2007/04/14 15:08

    Right, got that to work by creating a user with Admin privalidges as opposed to just using the admin account, however, i now have another problem. I’ve added an event, but it said it was successfully added, but it’s not showing up…

  97. jivo 2007/04/15 21:48

    What means this:

    Create a new WordPress page and add


    to it.

    totally stuck about that, because i don’t know what you mean with it

  98. Chuck Palm 2007/04/16 23:54

    Thanks for a great plugin! Probelm: Cannot seem to see where events are going…says event added successfuly, but I see nothing on any date. I am using WP MU and have the plugin activated on each site, in the plugins dir. Any thoughts where the events are going? Thanks.

  99. Double Supercool 2007/04/17 15:37

    Adding events doesn’t seem to do anything. Enter details, save, click add event, nada. No errors anywhere re:installation or activation.

    I am not to sure why it is so hard to do event calendars in WP. I have downloaded 5 now and none of them have worked :(

  100. sergio 2007/04/17 22:08

    so nice… you have gave us a nice tool for our organization

    perfect :-)
    best wishes!!!!

  101. Anthony 2007/04/21 04:15

    I had a few problems with this, so I’ll share it with the group.

    1) I couldn’t install it to blog in a directory, so I installed it to a blog which resided at a base url.

    2) The calendar would come up, but there was no link to add an event. I searched the php for the phrase ‘Add event’ and saw that it was wrapped in a condition, so I removed it for me.

    3) This left me able to fill in the fields to add events, but even though it said “event added successfully” none were added. I looked into addevent.php and noticed a) maybe a typo $tabl should be $table in the fourth line. I searched for $table in the entire source and noticed that in wp-cal.php it tries to create a table in the database called calevents. Since it hadn’t done this for me, I went into PHPMyAdmin and created the database as specified in wp-cal.php.

    And then it started working – yippee!

    The cool thing about this is that I don’t know a scrap about php.

  102. t0mmmmmmm 2007/04/23 16:32


    The cal_days_in_month() errors is due to fact that php was probably compiled without calendar support (–enable-calendar).

    If you encounter this error, just add the following lines to the end of functions/functions.php:

    function cal_days_in_month($month, $year) {
    return date('t', mktime(0, 0, 0, $month+1, 0, $year));

  103. Paul Holland 2007/04/28 23:18


    I am attempting to use this plug in; I am new to wordpress. I have followed the instructions above and the calendar is not appearing.

    I think the confusion is from the instruction to create a new page and then insert . I did that but I think I am not in the correct location. My new page simply says edit this entry, rather than displaying a calendar.

    Can you clarify the instruction regarding the way to insert into the code to activate the calendar.



  104. Marlene 2007/05/03 07:46


    I can’t figur out how to write post/events in the calendar… Where can I do that?

  105. kellie 2007/05/04 14:04

    hi i just tried to install this but its not creating the database tables so i cant add events? please help!

  106. Jake 2007/05/10 03:41

    The plugin appeared to install fine, however it didnt create the database table. Also when I click on a day Nothing pops up for me to edit a new event.. I am logged in as the admin. any ideas?

  107. res 2007/05/16 17:14

    Hmmmm….I added to my page, but nothing shows up at all. (no errors – just a blank WordPress page).

    Any ideas?

    The site is being run on a Windows Server (not by my choice)

  108. Jeff 2007/05/17 18:58

    I am having trouble installing this awesome looking plug-in. Everything appears to be installed correctly but when I browse to the “testing” WordPress page that has the in it all I see is the page title and the ‘Edit this entry’ link. No calendar. What am I missing? Thanks!

  109. thomas 2007/05/20 23:21

    I followed the instructions above, but the page I created, the one to which the directions say to add the line

    is blank. The Options panel showed up, but that’s it.

    What else is there?


  110. Dave W 2007/05/28 09:46

    I’m getting the following error and also see that some other user have also had the same error, though do not see a solution? help?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function cal_days_in_month() in /usr/local/www/vhosts/domain.co.nz/httpdocs/wp01/wp-content/plugins/wp-cal/functions/cal.php on line 59

  111. Tim 2007/06/09 10:06

    Hi, first of all thank you for all your work on the plugins, i find them very helpful. At the moment im having a little problem with your calender plugin..

    When you login there is no option to “add an event”, BUT when you log out there is an option! Not sure whats going no here. Im pretty sure there could be a quick fix like changing an if or else somewhere.. i haven’t modified anything that i can think of either. Can anyone help me?

    Many thanks, Tim Olthof

  112. Bill Barnard 2007/06/10 00:15

    I like your plugin.

    I would like to add a URL field to it so an event could easily link to a post or other page. I’ll hack it on in there myself, but would be happy to hear any guidance on what files I’d need to touch to do so.


  113. Jared 2007/06/15 02:19

    I have been looking through your code but I can’t find a way to allow anyone, not just admin, add/edit dates on the calendar. Is there an easy way to do this? By the way, great plugin!!

  114. Vanilla 2007/06/29 20:07

    Hi this the calendar appear on the sidebar, like a list?

    Because im searching for something to put on my sidebar, like a small list of things to do.


  115. Simon 2007/07/13 00:36

    Great plugin! But I just have one question; how do I get the month names in another language?

  116. Aaron 2007/07/18 05:07

    I have installed the calendar but am getting the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function cal_days_in_month() in /z/www4/revival/www/rca/wp-content/plugins/wp-cal/functions/cal.php on line 59

    How do I fix it?


  117. Vlad EXiT 2007/07/21 15:49

    Really, you helped me a lot with this plugin.

    Thanks a lot!

    Question: It’s posible to make it for a ‘company’ to use it the same calendar but with different users?
    Or the only way is to give a different calendar to each user on the site?

  118. Terence 2007/07/30 17:18

    Hi, I got 2 problems. The user admin can’t see the add events link at all but if i create another user with administrator role. I will be able to see. But the big problem is when I add the events. It seems like it did not add at all although it says events added successfully. But none of the events are reflected? Do you need to a db for this plugin?

  119. adayinteractive 2007/08/04 19:05

    First, I love your stuff! Some of the best I (and apparently everyone else) has seen. One problem with the calendar that I’m having though, is that I can’t create events. It comes up on the web page fine, but than when I click on an event, it just says that thereare none coming up. Any ideas on this?

  120. Andy 2007/08/21 02:03

    So weird I did exactly as you described above but when I test colander I get

  121. kaiser 2007/09/06 15:56

    i just installed everthing correct. changed in the cal.js and in wp-cal.php from root to my wp-install … but the i see nothing?? on my page. i inserted it in the page with as discribed (between the two text-lines) … but nothing apears. when i take a look at the source-code, i see the calender written in? pretty strange, isn´t it? same happens with standard kubrick-theme. have a look. page is named deadlines: http://planland.at/intranet/?page_id=3

  122. kaiser 2007/09/10 18:36

    Ok. won´t find support here or in the forum…

    for everybody who got the same problems with calendars or event-plugins. there are 3 sollutions, but no one is working proper with wordpress 2.2. i made a suggestion-thread at wordpress dot org:

    wordpress . org / support / topic /

    you have to put the link together. just post your needs there, maybe someone will help us with a serious plugin…

  123. Jessica 2007/09/14 19:19

    I’m signed into WordPress but I there’s no “add event” link on the calendar for me. Please help! Thank you!

  124. STR 2007/09/21 15:04

    My adding event does not appear anyway.

    How do I solve it?

  125. STR 2007/09/21 15:12

    In fact, I’ve been logged into the site, but the adding event form does not appear anyway.

    Need a little help, please …

  126. Jeff 2007/09/21 16:17

    Just one question: I’m running a blog with more than one author and no admin. Is there some way to add events not being the admin but a logged-in user with some privileges (author)?

    I would also like to have something like implemented. This plugin, also the calendar plugin by Kieran O’Shea only seem to give editing capabilities to the admin. It would be nice to give editing capabilities to editors and authors as well.

    Or is it available and I missed it, maybe a simple line of code to add somewhere to enable that option?

  127. David 2007/10/11 22:36

    I’m logged in as the administrator and the calendar looks great. When I select a date, however, I do not get an “Add Event” link or and sort of form. Just a “No Events This Day” message.


  128. Davide 2007/11/01 02:08

    great! But as asked by other people, why edithors can’t edit events? Is it possible to changhe php code and make them able to do that? thanks…really a great plugin!

  129. Davide 2007/11/01 16:14

    Hi, why did you delete my post? Can I find the answer to my question in some other places? Please tell me! Dave

  130. Rob 2007/11/02 17:20

    Hi. Great calendar. Just one thing – I cannot see how you are supposed to add events?

    When I click onto a date on the calendar, the Today’s events box just says ‘No events this day’ – there is no edit option.

  131. Cherie 2007/11/15 20:56

    I am getting the

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function cal_days_in_month() in /home/ackwwal7/public_html/durr/wp/wp-content/plugins/wp-cal/functions/cal.php on line 59

    that people have asked about above. I am not seeing an answer. I have changed line 1 to reflect where the base URL is var baseurl = “/wp/wp-content/plugins/wp-cal”;

    Where next. This is exactly what I need if I can get it working.

  132. Christian Wilke 2007/12/09 18:25

    Hello there, I can use the your Calendar in almost every browser except IE 7. I get the message – undefined – written into my database when I am using the Internet Explorer. Is there anyone who can give me a hotfix? I am not at all familiar with JS. However, PHP code seems to be all right.

  133. sparkybarkalot 2007/12/12 20:13

    I’m running WP 2.3.1 and 0.3 of this plugin, and it’s working great everywhere except IE6, which gives me a Javascript error:

    Line: 1320
    Error: ‘HTMLFormElement’ is undefined

    Any suggestions?

  134. Nicolas 2007/12/18 17:26


    all works fine, but I cant add an event. I see the “add event” in your description, but not on my calendar-frontend-site. I think that the plugin dont know that I am the admin. Is it possible, that the reason is the wordpress version 2.3.1?

    kindly regards, Nicolas

  135. David 2008/01/25 20:48

    Hi, I really appreciate this calendar, thanks.

    I have 1 question…

    The calendar displays great,however, when I click on a date to add an event, the add event form does not appear.

    The only thing that displays is a box with the date and No Events this Day message.

    Please see it here.


    Thank you in advance for your support and a great plugin!


  136. w3master 2008/01/31 17:19

    Great stuff!!! Unfortunately I’m not able to create new entries. I’m logged in as admin but I do not get the ‘add event’. What’s wrong here?

  137. Jim 2008/01/31 17:44

    This looks really neat but I’m wondering if there any thoughts on adding the following:

    1) make the admin from the calendar itself an option – in my case – I don’t want people adding events and would like to do it though the main WP admin interface
    2) add a sidebar widget for upcoming events

  138. Clare 2008/02/01 00:19

    Hi there, this seems to be the best option for calendars out there except I am having one problem. I have the plugin installed and the calendar is on the page, but I am not able to add an event. It doesn’t give me the option (and I am logged in). The site is advancedresultsfitness.com/schedule. Any ideas? Thank you

  139. Otto 2008/02/01 22:48

    This plugin has an exploitable security hole and should not be used without fixing the hole.

    More details:

    In the wp-cal/functions/edit-event.php file, find this:
    $id = $_GET[‘id’];

    And change it to this:
    $id = (int) $_GET[‘id’];

  140. kawai 2008/02/12 10:00

    will this work with ME2.2.3 — 0.22 秒
    word press japanese?
    thank you

  141. Adam 2008/02/17 11:45

    OMG, I solved it…when I changed the…
    var baseurl = “/blog/wp-content/plugins/wp-cal”;, I forgot the forward slash at before my directory (/). Duh!

    Sorry for the confusion!

  142. Adam 2008/02/17 11:56

    Ok, I’m back, this time with a real issue. I have entered my first event. This event runs from 08:00AM to 09:00PM. I get the error “Error: End time is earlier then start time!”.

    If I put in anything earlier later than 12:00 using a start time of anything before 12:00, I get the same error. Can this be corrected? I know that accounting for time can be a tricky thing, but I will have events that run for a full business day 8-5, 9-8, etc.

    Is there any workaround for this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated:)

  143. Vinnie 2008/03/17 22:37

    It turns out there’s some security issue with the WP-Cal plugin. Please download the new version of the plugin here.

  144. its me 2008/03/23 23:30

    Please help…
    I haven’t any change to add an event, because there is no “add event” in

  145. Øyvind 2008/04/03 23:09

    Hi guys thanks for sharing this wonderful plugin, it works great! Any plans on making an event-widget?

  146. Andrew 2008/05/08 04:50

    How does one get rid of the day.php and only have the calender displayed??

    I don’t want the side bar saying what events are today.

  147. Andrew 2008/05/08 14:00

    Never Mind I figured out how to uncheck a box in the options screen.

  148. Andrew 2008/05/10 13:43

    UGH! Now how do I add events? And is there anyway for any registered user to add events? That would be cool.

  149. Paul 2008/08/05 19:13

    It seems this plugin doesn’t work with WP 2.6 ?

  150. Cooper 2008/08/07 17:21

    I’m not getting the add event form when I click on a day. Any idea what could be causing this issue? It’s not set so you have to log in.


  151. Cooper 2008/08/07 17:27

    I figured out the issue…I had to create a new administrator account for myself, the default admin account wasn’t allowed to post(?) never seen that before.

  152. Cooper 2008/08/07 17:38

    Sorry…me again. I can now add an event, but it doesn’t show up. I have not changed anything in the code except for the heading tags (switched the ‘s and ‘s. Any idea why the events wouldn’t show up?

  153. willard 2008/08/17 00:10

    Your calendar is awesome. It is making things really easy for me. I only have one suggestions and that is to make the “time” optional. Welp thanks for making this it’s the best looking wp calendar out there and easiest to use.

  154. willard 2008/08/20 02:27

    dunno if you check this that often but I got the time to be whatever i wanted to by taking out the error functions in the cal.js

  155. ilfalcobianco 2008/08/27 10:53

    you maybe need to set on the support to the calendar in the php configure

  156. […] WP-Cal Version 0.3 von Fredrik Fahlstad ist via SQL Injection angreifbar. Weiter Infos gibt es bei Security Focus. Bookmarks setzen: Diese Icons verlinken auf Bookmark Dienste bei denen Nutzer neue Inhalte finden und mit anderen teilen können. […]

  157. nkuttler 2008/10/26 13:16

    Is this plugin still maintained? There’s a patched version floating around for the SQL injection thing. Or is that fixed now?

    What’s the license? Is it ok to modify + distribute it? Do you welcome patches?

    Btw, there’s a spam comment on this page.

  158. WP Calendar 2008/12/04 07:07

    […] Source from : http://www.fahlstad.se/ […]

  159. […] FahlstadDesign’s WP-Cal looks promising. Relatively easy to install and I like the way that one can add the event straight from the calendar page. Events are separate from posts. The plug-in’s offering page is reasonably well done. But I can see it is easy to accidentally put the wrong date in – how does one change the date? Delete and re-add? more investigation required. […]

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